About Rambhau Parulekar

Late Ramachandra Vitthal Parulekar alias Rambhau Parulekar

1. R.P. Parulekar completed his M.A in 1911 from Elphinstone College Mumbai.

2. In 1912 became the Headmaster of Topiwala Highschool, Malvan.

3. In 1921 got degress of T.d and M.Ed.

4. In 1924 became the Secretary of Mumbai Municipality School Committee.

5. A Wellknown lecturer of Tilak College. of Education at Pune.

6. Principal of Tarabai Teachers College Kolhapur and Secretary of Indian ‘Institute of Education’.

7. An adviser of Ghate Parulekar Committee reagarding the changes of pay scale of teachers.

8. Published Books on Geography for Secondary school in Maharashtra.