Welcome To Krishnarao Sitaram Desai Shikshan Mandal, Malvan

Krishnarao Sitaram Desai Shikshan Mandal, Malvan was established in the year 1914 by Krishnasao Sitaram Desai as ‘Women’s Education Society’, with an objective of providing education to the economically, educationally and socially weaker women of the society. K.S.D.S. Mandal is an educational society registered under the Indian Society’s Registration act of 1860 and also a public Trust registered under the Bombay Trust Act  1950. It is also registered under the section 12 (a) of Income Tax act 1961 and exempted u/s 80 G of the said act.

K.S.D.S Mandal is one of the oldest education organisations of Malvan and has done poineering work in the field of education for weaker sections of the society. Looking 100 years back, the society started with the humble beginning with a Kanyashala for women in a single room with greater hardship, pain and an aim to spread education amongst the economically backward people. Today K.S.D.S Mandal is serving education facilities to more than 2000 students through following institutions,


K.S.D.S Mandal has made great progress in the field of economics, sports and extra curricular activities. Infrastructure with beautiful building, well equipped science laboratories, libraries, computer labs, etc. has provided the students a good platform for their educational needs.

K.S.D.S. Mandal, not forgetting its social responsibilities‌, always strive to help its country and the citizens by actively taking parts in social works by various means such as Tree plantation, Distribution of books, and Uniforms to poor and needy students, providing free school bus facility, etc.

K.S.D.S Mandal provides moral and value education it students which enhance the personality of our students and develop self confidence, self respect, service to society and positive attitude towards life.

कै. कृष्णराव सीताराम देसाई

संस्थेचे आद्य शिल्पकार

कन्याशाळेचे आद्य शिल्पकार कै. कृष्णराव सीताराम देसाई यांनी १९१४ साली कन्याशाळेची स्थापना केली आणि मालवणमध्ये स्त्री शिक्षण मंडळाची मुहूर्तमेढ रोवली.

  • टोपीवाला हायस्कूलचे आद्य संस्थापक (स्थापना १९११)
  • ऑनररी मॅजिस्ट्रेट
  • तालुका लोकल बोर्डाचे उपाध्यक्ष
  • संयुक्त आद्य गौड ब्राम्हण परिषदेचे चिटणीस

मा. कृ. सी. देसाई यांचा महिला शिक्षण मंडणाचे दुसरे अध्यक्ष सावंतवाडी संस्थानचे अधिपती कै. बापूसाहेब महाराज यांनी ‘ कोकणचे कर्वे’ असे संबोधून गौरव केला.