S. K. Patil Sindhudurg Mahavidyalaya

Geography Department

About The Department

The Department started in 1965 when Geography was introduced as the first year BA subject. The course was on physical Geography and Prof. Dr. Mohan Tawde was the Head of Department. He taught this course till 1969. In this year Geography was introduced as a Second year subject and Prof. M. S. Patwardhan (1969-2002) was as the head. Presently Dr. Ramchandra n. Katkar is the head.

Courses Offered
Class Course
F. Y. B. A. Geomorphology and Human Geography
S. Y. B. A. Physical Geography and Agriculture Geo
T. Y. B. A.Geo. Of Settlement and Environment Geo
University Result: T. Y. B. A. (2016-2019)
Year No. of Student appeared Result

Special Activities

1) Educational Tours at National / International Venues.

2) Field survey in Rural Area.

3) Organizing GIS Course for placement of Geo. Student.

4) Celebration of Geography Day every year. 

5) Dr. R. N. Katkar (HOD) is Director of Konkan Geography Association Of India.

6) Organizing Conference and Faculty/Students participation in conference.