S. K. Patil Sindhudurg Mahavidyalaya

Department of English

Brief History of the Department

The English Department of the college happens to be the smallest department in the College with only one sanctioned post. It has an illustrious history. Department of English was established in 1965 with the establishment of the College. Initially there were three faculty in the department. They used to teach Communication Skills to F. Y. B. A., Business Communication to F. Y. B. Com. and Optional English papers to S. Y. B. A. classes in the college. 

In the year 1977 with the closing of Science wing, only one faculty, Mr. A. S. Barde taught English till the year 2001. From 2001 to 2013 there was no permanent faculty for English in this college and it resulted in the closing of English Optional subject. In the year 2013 Mr. S. P. Khobare was appointed on permanent basis. In the year 2016, we got permission for TYBA English Optional (Six Units) from University of Mumbai. 


 The department aims to develop English Language and Literature competency of the students. 


  1. Enable the students to acquire various language skills
  2. Introduce the students to various genres of literature
  3. Acquaint the students with various trends and movements in literature
  4. To inculcate literary and critical sense among the students
  5. To help them to appreciate the aesthetic values in literature
  6. To imbibe professional skills among the students