S. K. Patil Sindhudurg Mahavidyalaya, Malvan

Commerce & Accountancy Department


Department of Commerce and Accountancy has been started since 1965. Over the years, the faculty of the Department has given their best to impart knowledge to students in the area of commerce and accountancy through dedicated pedagogy and motivation. Various subjects related to commerce and accountancy are taught by this department for all three years of B. Com. Degree.


  • To equip students in rural area with basic skills of accountancy and commerce making them aware of present economic scenario.
  • To enable students to apply their knowledge at professional level.
  • To inculcate work culture, professional ethics in students in the field of Accountancy and Commerce.
  • To develop the entrepreneurship skills and spirit.



Prof. B. H. Chaugule

Assistant Professor,

M.Com., M. Phil., B. Ed.

Joined since 27th April, 2009

Experience : 11 yrs

Naik S.S.

Dr. Sumedha Naik

Assistant Professor,

M.Com., M. A. (Sociology), SET, NET, Ph. D.

Joined since 27th April, 2009

Experience: 11 yrs

Salient Features:

  • Qualified Faculty
  • Academic Excellence
  • ICT use in teaching-learning
  • Career Guidance and Placement Assistance
  • Soft Skills Training through workshops
  • Consistency in University Results
  • Personal Counselling

Departmental Activities:

Conferences Organised:

  1. National Conference on E- Commerce in February, 2012
  2. Online National Conference on ‘Post Covid Strategies’ in June, 2020

Workshops Conducted:

  1. MBA and Competitive Guidance Workshops
  2. Carrier Guidance workshop and Career Fair
  3. Placement guidance workshops
  4. Investment Guidance by SEBI

Short Term Certificate Courses:

  1. One month, UGC sponsored ‘Catering and Hotel Services’ Short Term Certificate Course, 2013
  2. One Month ‘Shakti’ Self Defense Training Short Term Certificate Course, 2019.

Quiz Competitions:

  1. Accountancy and Commerce related quizzes on regular basis
  2. Covid Awareness Quiz, 2020

Recruitment Drives:

  1. Recruitment Drive in collaboration with Cipla
  2. Recruitment Drive in collaboration with ICICI Bank